Betwixted Castle

Join Me!

If you haven't read my about me page, go do that now by clicking >>> here<<<.

Now that you've learned a l'il bit about me, you get to decide whether you want to join my minion army! Mwahahaha~!

Just kidding.

I'm really bad at emails, and I kind of suck at keeping up with comments (Yeah, that's you Gonz that I'm eyeballing right now. You're totally a sibling of my soul, and I love you to death, but be niceeeeeeeer to me T^T).

So I decided to start my own little discord server. Because I have an ego problem, I named it the Betwixted Castle. You can join me >>> here <<<.

Why you really, really should:
  • You get to be the first ones to hear/read me whine about never getting anything done
  • Get spammed with pictures of my hyper active chihuahua and any cat/dog videos I find throughout the wide web
  • I might run some live translations in the future but you only get access to that through the server
  • You get to make prioritized suggestions on my next translation project, including the mighty veto power
  • (Maybe) You'll get some teeny weeny sneak peaks (more like teasers~)
  • For the budding writers out there, I'm a developmental editor (that means I don't deal with typos and grammar, but I can help develop your characters and plot). I'll also be posting the occasional tip from my boss (published author and owner of a publishing company)
  • You get to be my guinea pigs for everything new I try out!
  • Best of all, you get to know my spectacular self and I get to know yours!

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