Gentle Beast 53

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Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu evaded in reflex.

She remembered the barbs on his tongue and how she had hurt for days afterward.

But she was no match for his strength and her entire body was under his control, her small mouth opening to greet him.

Perhaps after the last attempt, Ryan had become more adept because his tongue wrapped around Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu's softly and sucked it into his mouth.

Realizing the little one in his arms was curled up, Ryan held the palm of his hand to the front of her head and lifted her chin. He lightly licked the place she had been scratched and after a while, Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu's tense body finally relaxed.

Ryan had deliberately used light strength so Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu didn't actually feel all that hurt.

Like a large toothbrush, soft and hard bristles swept across her tongue. It itched and stung and although it was a little painful, she could still endure it.

Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu was a little breathless from being kissed, and her eyebrows frowned slightly, whimpered in resistance.

Ryan let go of her for a short time, then he kissed her again.

This experience was new, and Ryan didn't know that licking her lips could have been so pleasurable.

When the door was pushed open, Ryan was holding Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu's small face very close to his own.

"Chief, I heard a strange noise just now from your house. Did you have anything to do with it. . ."

A bare-chested beastman wearing deerskin pants was standing in the door. He hadn't finished his sentence when he suddenly stopped, staring a head dumbfounded.

Behind him, several leopard beastmen were standing, having probably also heard the explosion just now, and wanting to see what was going on.

At this point, they were just staring into the courtyard.

Their wise and majestic leader was bending down to bite the lips of his tender young female.

But the difference in their heights was too great and the posture was strenuous. Their leader had one arm on the girl's lower back and had pulled her slightly into the air. During the entire process, their lips had yet to separate.

What situation was this?

The leader likes his little female so much he wanted to eat her? (Not the way you beastly boys are probably thinking. . .)

However, looking at the little female, although her brows were furrowed, there were no signs of obvious resistance. . .

Was this some new kind of play?

Seven or eight leopards stood at the door, not knowing whether to go or stay.

Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu saw them standing there, and she immediately froze, quickly pushing at Ryan, "Stop, stop. . ."

Ryan's interest was suddenly interrupted, and he frowned with dissatisfaction. He pinched Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu's chin still wanting to kiss her. But Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu blushed and blocked his mouth, refusing to agree.

Ryan raised his eyes and looked at the door, his eyes falling on the people who stood there. Obviously, he wasn't happy. "What are you doing here?"

Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu took the opportunity to climb down and out of Ryan's arms and quickly hid behind him.

One of the beastmen raised his fist and coughed awkwardly, "Yes, just now, I seemed to hear. . ."

. . .

The other started saying these words again and looked to the corner of the courtyard at the bombed out cabin, "Chief, what happened here?"

Strange things were often happening around the village these days and the tribe were very suspicious.

For example, a few nights ago, the back of the mountain suddenly erupted with a roar louder and more terrible than thunder.

But when they went out, they saw that the night sky was clear and bright, with no sign of rain.

Only a glimmer of light was at the back of the hill, and there was nothing when they looked past it.

The sound of Ryan's house just now sounded very much like the sound of that day.

Ryan licked the corner of his mouth, the taste of the girl still lingering there, and so he showed a no-good face to the guys at the door, "My woman was naughty and accidentally burned down my house. You have something to say?"

The beastman that had been speaking was stunned and subconsciously looked at the female hidden behind the chief.

Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu's fingers grabbed Ryan's leather jacket, her cheeks red.

How had she let Ryan come to her? She, she hadn't had any resistance, and even responded to him. . .

Hey, just what was her position???

She didn't want to fall in love with a leopard.

Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu wanted to cry but she had no tears, too caught up in self-doubt and panic.

When all the idle people left, Ryan took hold of Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu's waist, like he was addicted to kissing her lips. Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu escaped from under his arms and stood far away, "One kiss a day, and you've already finished today's."

Ryan frowned, "Why?"

Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu decided to bully him a little since he wouldn't understand human terminology. "Because. . . because kissing consumes dopamine and too many times, too much is consumed and will have a bad effect on the body."

Ryan asked: "What effect?"

". . ." Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu thought, "I'll be in a bad mood and get depressed. I'll cry."

Ryan remembered the little one's tears and he had no patience for the week except for when she cried. Her tears were like a burning wax in his heart.

It couldn't be ignored.

After a long time, Ryan quietly picked her up and took her into the house, posing with a face that no longer mentioned kissing her.


Only, things were not as smooth as Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu would have liked.

Ryan had just tasted her sweetness, how could he let her off easily?

Ryan rebuilt her ruined cabin and it had twice as much space.

A table had been built in the middle for her to lay out the messy materials.

Now, Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu sat on the table with her hands on Ryan's shoulders, bearing his endless kisses.

"Ah. . . no. . ."

Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu tried to push him back with the tip of her tongue.

The corner of her eyes pooled with tears, her long lashes fluttering, and her cheeks flushed, making her look bullied.

It was no wonder that Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu felt so. After all, an hour had passed, and Ryan still hadn't let her go.

She had been disassembling the powder in the firecracker. Ryan was leaning his shoulder against the door frame, and he watched her closely. She had looked up and he was there, kissing her without explanation.

Since Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu had said he could only kiss her once a day, every time Ryan kissed her, it would never be shorter than an hour.

Like he was saving it all up every day.

Who could handle it???

She didn't know how much time had passed while Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu tried to break free of him, but she only had one foot on the ground and her body went soft, almost falling over.

Ryan grabbed her waist in time and his tongue swiped the saliva from her lips, and he picked her up to take her to the bedroom.

Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu was in a hurry and she patted Ryan's shoulders to remind him, "Ryan, I still haven't finished. . ."

"Do it tomorrow."

Ryan grabbed her small hand that wanted to resist and he held her arm in an iron grip.

Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu seemed to be aware of what would happen. After Ryan put her on the bed, she tried to escape under it.

But Ryan was faster than her and he covered her hands, his tall and vigorous body clinging to her and blocking her way out.

Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu laid on the bed and turned away from him, feeling panic in her heart.

"Ryan. . ." Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu's voice trembled and she said with a glimmer of hope, "Let me go. . . what do you want to do?"

Ryan kissed her face from behind and his claws slid between her fingers, pulling them above her head. His scorching breath ghosted against her skin, his voice heavier as coarse as desert sand. "What should be done after courtship."

The animal kingdom's courtship always had one result——

In copulation.

Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu stiffened and she struggled fiercely, "No. . . I can't. Don't, Ryan, let me go. . ."

She accepted Ryan but it didn't mean she was willing to do the most intimate things with him.

Not to mention that she wasn't physiologically prepared, she was still young and underage. How could he get that far?

However, there was no protection of minors in the beastkin, and it turned out that Ryan did get that.

Ryan kissed the girl's cheeks and ears, her snow white neck and her shoulder. . . every part of her body, he wanted to enjoy it.

At the same time, his large hands were not idle, slipping down Jǐ Xiǎo Ōu's body to hold her legs. A burning exhale breathed over her ear and he asked, "Is the injury here okay?"

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