King of Classical Music 1

Lu Zi Wen climbed to his feet with difficulty and staggered out of the bar.

His body felt weak with exertion as if his heart had been ripped apart. The pain was intense, and his brain swam with dizziness. He could not understand where he was, neither did he know what happened.

His ears caught the sound of voices by the bar. When the door opened, a group's loud laughter interrupted Lu Zi Wen's thoughts, "Hey Qi Mu, you're not dying out here, are you? It's only eight o'clock?"

Lu Zi Wen abruptly turned and stared at the group of punks who spoke with horrified eyes.

They had dyed hair in shades of red and yellow, and they sneered a few words in his direction before turning back to the bar. They left the pale-faced Lu Zi Wen standing by himself, his eyes wide. What they were saying, it was——

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