King of Classical Music 3

B City’s Symphony Orchestra was one of the most famous orchestras in Huaxia. Generally speaking, for a large orchestra like this, they usually have their own fixed team and rarely recruit new members. However, there’s still situations like today, where the position that’s empty is important, so they have to recruit outsiders.

So, when Qi Mu arrived at the audition’s location, there were already many people in the room, waiting in line.

Zheng Wei Qiao informed him, “Most people who came here today are violinists from other orchestras in B City. You stayed in Europe for a long time, and you haven’t played here in Huaxia a lot. So teacher probably didn’t tell you, Huaxia’s symphony have a late start, and there are not too many personnel, so things like recruiting new members or swapping members happens a lot.”

Huaxia’s symphony history only began in the last century, and the internal management is a bit loose. In this aspect, it was quite similar to the North American orchestra.

In Europe, where orchestras had developed and were already matured, personnel changes of such a big orchestra was a rare occurrence. For example, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra which had the reputation of “The Best in the World”, their leaders followed the rule of “no changes till death”.
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