King of Classical Music 4

It was as Zheng Wei Qiao said. The man who was the deputy chief violinist of B City Symphony Orchestra did have his own strengths. He played Dvorak’s 《6th Symphony in D Major》 second movement with a gentle and soft adagio*.
*Adagio: a music piece done leisurely

The sound was light and refreshing, like a gentle hand that fluttered at a person’s heartstrings. Even Qi Mu had a good appreciation for this sound. The only pity is that on the final piece, he was obviously impatient, and he didn’t end it with the tranquility it should have.

Qi Mu heard this and frowned.

If this was to be played at a European concert, he might get a warning or his name may even get removed. But for the current orchestra’s audition, he had performed well enough, at least, to let others wait and see.

“Qi Jia* brat, even if someone has no talent, they can still do anything. Your parents died early, so I will teach you for them. You should watch what you say, and mind your step.” After he finished with his audition, Lu deliberately went to Qi Mu and said this with a sneer.
*Jia: family, this is like saying “The Qi family boy”
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