King of Classical Music 5

It was early morning in Vienna, the streets were not busy, and people were leisurely walking by. There were tall sycamore trees on both sides of the road. Because it was early autumn, the ground was covered in a layer of golden leaves, making it appear enchanting from afar.

When Luo Yu Sen exited his taxi, there was a group of people rushing through traffic. Carrying his violin case, he cursed inwardly and waiting at the side for these people to pass.

It had been a week since Luo Yu Sen was released from the police station. Lu Zi Wen’s death was determined to be an accident due to an acute asthma attack. It was because, in current medical history, there were no deaths by asthma attack caused by a fight that resulted in little to no injury.

Moreover, Luo Yu Sen also blamed himself, crying heavily when he was detained. Saying things like “Why didn’t I stay longer?” and “Why didn’t I see his illness?”, Etcetera. The detectives who observed this just looked at each other and shrugged. They released him because there was no proof that he was directly involved in the accident anyway.

According to Luo Yu Sen’s testimony and the time of death inferred by the coroner, it should be that after Luo Yu Sen left the lounge, Lu Zi Wen suddenly had an asthma attack. Without medication, the asthma attack was too violent, and he couldn’t call for help. Soon after, he lost consciousness and eventually died.
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