King of Classical Music 6

Now that the conductor was present, the rehearsal officially began.

Tan Zheng Hui was the conductor of this orchestra. He had a great reputation within the orchestra and Huaxia as a whole. Since he took over as conductor ten years ago, he led the orchestra to perform both at home and abroad. His interpretation of Dvorak’s, in particular, amazed people in the West who couldn’t quite believe that a conductor from the East who understood the work of Dvorak existed.

Tan Zheng Hui turned 56 this year but his hair was already white. Although he appeared very spirited and lively, it couldn’t hide the signs of aging.

After the death of Qi Mu’s mother 8 years ago, he suddenly began aging quickly.

Qi Mu’s mother grew up in B City before she got married and relocated to S City. She didn’t have a good family environment, as a child. While at university, her parents died of illness at the same time. She was a very talented young woman who was also very caring towards Tan Zheng Hui. She was his concertmaster before she went to the S City Symphony Orchestra.
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