King of Classical Music 7

B City Symphony Orchestra was worthy of being the number one orchestra in Huaxia. After only three days of rehearsal, the entire orchestra was great and had a tacit understanding of each other. During this time, Qi Mu also learned a lot about Tan Zheng Hui.

Old Tan was a senior artist who worked really hard and was doing his best at everything. His ability as a conductor was undeniable, and Qi Mu admired his attitude toward musical excellence.

Each conductor had their own style in interpreting music scores. Mr. Albert Dorenza, the conductor of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, for example, had a style that was romantic and filled with passion and a gentleness one might expect from a gentleman. In contrast, Lao Tan’s style was much more realistic and down to earth.

With the gentle and simple sense of nature, it made the audience experience a pure atmosphere. His style matched Dvorak’s naturally. Which was why there was always a shadow of Dvorak’s influence in the B City Symphony Orchestra’s performances.

For example, the orchestra was currently rehearsing the 《Symphony No 8 in G Major》for the twelfth time, it was one of Dvorak’s most famous works. The whole song was soothing and calm. It brought people to the 19th century, to experience the beauty of the plains in the Czech Republic and the infinite allure of nature.
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