King of Classical Music 11

The violin competition was organized by Huaxia’s officials and Germany Munich Conservatory of Music, so naturally, it held quite a lot of weight, not only in Huaxia but also globally. As soon as the competition was over, the media reported on it and for a while, the Huaxia music circle was shaken.

Everyone knew that Armstrong was the first person on the moon but few knew that the second person to land on the moon was Aldrin. At the end of the competition, Sheng Yan Hui, who won the competition, was in the limelight and soon followed Professor Karl to study at the Munich Conservatory of Music.

Of course, even though there was less media coverage on Qi Mu, Professor Karl had mentioned him quite a few times, giving him a bit of fame. But this was not enough so Zheng Wei Qiao contacted several media outlets that he had a good relationship with to write an article on Qi Mu.

The cannonball fell, and Qi Mu’s name resounded in Huaxia.

S City.

“Qi Mu, this kid. . . has he changed so much?” A grey-haired old man pushed his reading glasses up his nose and said strangely.

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