King of Classical Music 12

In autumn, S City was different from B City as it did not enter a cold season quite as early. The S City Concert Hall stood in the bustling city’s center and had nearly a hundred years of history. Sixteen ochre-colored marble pillars surrounded the concert hall, giving the architecture an elegant and solemn look.

In the evening, there were more and more cars crowding the front of the hall. One by one, people got out of the cars and stepped onto the red carpet, then entered the arch into the building. Among them, there was an old man who appeared calm and respectable, and he was escorted to a room on the second floor.

The front seat was already warming up to the point of boiling while backstage, everyone was busy making final checks before going on stage. Du Sheng, the concertmaster, was carefully examining his violin. After confirming that there were no problems, he went to examine the first violin group.

B City Symphony Orchestra’s performance uniform was a light black, form-fitting suit with a slim crimson tie carefully wrapped around the neck.

Qi Mu pinned a sapphire tie clip to his tie. The bright lights shone down on him from top to bottom, making the blue sapphire look even more enchanting. Qi Mu was already handsome and, when carefully dressed, even Tan Lao, who had just entered the backstage, couldn’t help but look at him.
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