King of Classical Music 14

As Huaxia’s capital city, there wasn’t much to say about B City, except for its shortcoming of constant traffic jams. Here, there were often concerts, theater performances, ballets, and even the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra chose B City for their tour every year.

Fans across the country were heartbroken by that.

Many people all over Huaxia rushed to B City to attend this music festival, which was held only once a year. The entire B City music hall was full, making the already packed street even more crowded. By seven o’clock, there were fewer people at the entrance——everyone was already seated.

“Well, this is my first time attending the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert. I always watched them on TV so I don’t know what to expect. . .” A middle-aged man sitting in the back row on the first floor excitingly said to his friend beside him, “I heard they will play Strauss’s song for the first performance, it’s really fascinating.”

“You know, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is of course very high level. It’s one of the few top orchestras in the world. But what I like the most is their style, particularly the classical orthodox style. Their former conductor had this style, but the new conductor seems even better.”

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