King of Classical Music 15

Daniel waited at the Grand Theater’s entrance for over 30 minutes but a certain bloke was quite late. Crossing his arms over his chest, he looked at the other party and smiled. His tone was somewhat humored when he asked, “Sleepy? Were you sleeping?”

Min Chen calmly lifted his gaze and walked into the theatre without a glance at the other man. He lightly replied, “I woke up,” and didn’t bother saying anything else to Daniel.

“Well! This is awesome! God, why did I stay this asshole’s agent for more than ten years!” Daniel stomped his foot angrily and quickly followed when the concert was just about to begin.

The seats that the B City Symphony Orchestra gave to Daniel were located in the left side of the third row. It was close to the first violin group, and almost all of the string section. For a theatre hall with good acoustics, it was a good position.

The guests took their seats one after the other. There were a handful of people in the music circle who were surprised by Min Chen and Daniel’s presence and went up to talk to them. Min Chen calmly and courteously responded, but fortunately, the concert soon started and the hall fell silent.
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