King of Classical Music 16

The melodious sound of the violin and wind instruments resounded in the hall.

The First Grand Theater’s music hall was carefully designed by world-renowned architects for a great auditory experience. With elegant and solemn marble sculptures decorating its halls, the First Grand Theatre was the number one auditorium in Huaxia known for its acoustics.

In such a top-notch concert hall, the B City Symphony Orchestra had lived up to this magnificent concert hall’s structure. Whether the song was solemn and majestic, or light and pleasant, the audience felt as if they were experiencing a baptism from the temple of music.

This was B City Symphony Orchestra.

They might not be as famous as the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, which performed in the B City Concert Hall the day before, and perhaps they still lacked some skill, but even Daniel couldn’t help but softly sigh from the magnificent display of music——
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