King of Classical Music 17

The conductor’s lounge was simply but elegantly decorated. Although the style was undeniably European, there were Chinese elements in the details. And although these two styles mixed, they did not contradict each other but instead appeared quite harmonious.

Someone once said this about Min Chen——

The Bertram family’s nobility was deeply engraved in his bones, but his foundation with Min Jia* had never disappeared. And this background had shaped the unique and first-class style of this world-renowned conductor.
*Jia means family.

The man currently stood in the middle of the conductor’s lounge.

Qi Mu was violently impacted by this scene, and it made him feel dizzy. It took a while to recover his thoughts. He never had the opportunity to meet Min Chen even once in the many years he spent in Europe. Who would have thought. . . he would so easily meet him in Huaxia?!
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