King of Classical Music 19

Although he became B City Symphony Orchestra’s assistant chief, Tan Lao didn’t sign a long-term contract with Qi Mu. This surprised him a little, but he knew Tan Lao didn’t want to tie him up.

In Tan Lao’s heart, he hoped that Qi Mu would further his studies. This was normal for traditional elders. They always thought that the young should study before working. Although his idea was different from Qi Mu’s ambition, he still went along with it.

B City Symphony’s contracts usually stood for 3 years, and that was too long.

Having decided to stay in the orchestra officially, Qi Mu planned to move first. The original’s house was too far, and it usually took him half an hour to get there by Zheng-Ge’s car. And if he took the subway. . .

He didn’t want to experience B City’s subway ever again!
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