King of Classical Music 20

The apartment Qi Mu rented was in a relatively high-end neighborhood, so he wasn’t nervous about security nor was he being too harsh on himself. Zheng Wei Qiao thought he was too economical and that apartment might be too small because the rent was so cheap.

One could not blame Xiao Qi for this. The owner of the apartment was a young woman in her 20’s. She couldn’t look away from Qi Mu once she saw him. So the rent that was agreed upon with the broker dropped from 5000 to 3500 yuan.

There were a lot of high-end rentals in this area and quite a few were 50 m2 apartments like Qi Mu’s. They had a green environment, and the surrounding area was also excellent. The most important thing was the commute. The apartment was located only 1km away from B City’s Symphony Orchestra, so it was convenient for him. He could just walk there in the morning.

Assistant concertmaster and deputy chief were not the same position. Generally speaking, the assistant could replace the concertmaster as needed while the deputy could only remain as the deputy.

At first, Qi Mu was worried that his qualifications were too shallow, and someone would be dissatisfied. But, surprisingly, after they learned of his “promotion,” they decided to hold a small celebration party for him.
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