King of Classical Music 8

After all, this was a national competition organized by Huaxia officials and the Munich Conservatory of Music, so the competition was well regulated. Except for how Qi Mu entered through the “back door” with his recommendation by Tan Lao and others who're the same, the rest of the participants already went through two rounds of audition. Those who passed the screening were naturally very talented.

This was the first time Qi Mu had gone to the B City Theatre. As a participant in the youth group, he was temporarily moved up. His number was on his back, and it was among the last of the participants. Therefore, when the juvenile group started their round, he could leisurely watch them while Zheng Wei Qiao was anxious.

“Qi Mu, ah, are you. . . not nervous at all?”

A 12 years old girl was on stage playing 《Roxanne’s Veil》, and Qi Mu listened intently, smiling from time to time. Hearing Zheng Wei Qiao, he turned and answered, “Nervous? Maybe a little.”

Zheng Wei Qiao calmed down a bit. He was actually a normal person that knew how to feel nervous!
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