King of Classical Music 9

To be recognized by Zheng Wei Qiao as a seed player, Sheng Yan Hui was truly outstanding. His first song was op.18 in Mozart’s violin sonata. This was a tricky piece, yet he played it brilliantly.

After he completed his performance, he purposefully went over to Qi Mu and said general things like, “I’m honoured to meet you again,” or, “I’m looking forward to your performance,” and so on.

Zheng Wei Qiao was embarrassed hearing this, but Qi Mu was like a cloud carried by the spring breeze. He smiled and answered him. It was as if he was very familiar with Sheng Yan Hui, and he didn’t put on any airs.

By the time Qi Mu went to the stage, several players already had their turn.

Qi Mu’s first song was 《Love Scene》by the great violinist Paganini. It was perhaps not his most outstanding work, but this piece was one of the most important songs by this master violinist.
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