King of Classical Music 21

The full title of 《Tzigane》 was 《Tzigane Rhapsody》, and it was created by famous French composer Maurice Ravel. This piano maestro of the last century wrote several musical pieces in his lifetime, and most of them were piano pieces. 《Tzigane》 was one of his rare violin concertos.

The first half of this piece was dominated by a slow beat, while the latter half was primarily in rich allegro. The differing halves of this piece formed a sharp contrast with each other, and that brought a lot of praise.

When he told Tan Lao he was going to play this piece, Tan Lao thought for a while but agreed to it in the end.

This work required a skill level equal to that of Paganini's, which was quite tricky. But there were also Gypsy influences, and it had an unrestrained passion. It was suitable for an indoor concert's solo performance.

Tan Lao’s only worry was: “You’re sure. . . you can play well tomorrow?”
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