King of Classical Music 23

An intense spotlight illuminated the small stage, and a tall, slender youth walked to it with a yellow spruce violin in his hands. This violin was a replica, with very smooth lines, but it was truly amazing in its own right.

And her master, he was also so amazing that the audience couldn’t help but want to see more.

The young man was both handsome and beautiful. Even if his appearance wasn’t the best they had ever seen, it was indeed not bad, and this was especially notable in the entertainment circle where beauties were as numerous as the clouds.

Many of the people here today already knew Qi Mu. Especially the editors of certain magazines and newspapers. They frequently gave reports on B City’s Symphony Orchestra over the past few months, and there was, occasionally, some news about this young man.

Wang Zheng, the editor of 《Music Hall》, thought this over. The last time his staff had reported about this youth, it seemed that. . . he had become the assistant concertmaster?!
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